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TiO2 Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology

Athletics, Fitness, Gymnasium, Sports Centre & Stadiums

Pathogens, Moulds and Particulate Matter (PM) get involved at all sport venues - without even being being invited!

Germs, such as bacteria and mould, like to settle down and start a family in the same conditions as we do, warm, cosy and not too dry. Your gym locker room and sporting equipment make perfect breading grounds.

Germs can last from 24 to 48 hours on most surfaces, during which time things like bacteria reproduce exponentially. One single cell can become more than 8 million cells in less than 24 hours.

How do they get there?

• People carry bacteria  - which thrive in a sweaty environment - back and forward from home, school, work, play etc.,

• Sports equipment is a feeding ground for hungry germs looking to grow their families

• Janitorial staff unknowingly spread germs from surface-to-surface on cloths and mops and other cleaning media etc.

There are a million ways that germs can affect your team or sports facility. Although many microbes are a necessary part of life, the few that are bad are really bad and can cause sickness and disease.

The Solution:  Solas Shield TiO2 PCO (Self-clean Solutions with nanoYo)

Solas Shield TiO2 PCO offers you the opportunity to treat high-touch surfaces with a world-class anti-microbial surface treatment.

Below are the top six areas that you can treat to reduce germ populations.

Training Equipment area                  All training equipment such as Rowers, Jogging, Weights, mats etc.

Locker & Weight Rooms                   Shower area; Benches; Chairs; Equipment, Lockers, Doorknobs; etc.  

Corporate Boxes and Suites             Bars, Chairs & Couches, Fridges, Light switches etc.  

Restaurants and Concessions           Concession stand counters; ticket machines, ATM and payment consul; etc.  

Restrooms &  Toilets;                       Taps, sinks, cubical’s, soap/paper/towel dispensers etc, etc, etc  

Our Solas Shield TiO2 based PCO system is able to protect all surfaces and equipment in health clubs; locker rooms, bathrooms, free weights, cardio-equipment,  group exercise equipment, tanning beds and common areas. These surfaces are continually touched throughout the facility and once treated; surfaces will reduce and limit growth of harmful microbes. including: staph (MRSA), E.coli, salmonella, influenza, C. diff and any other organic microbe. Our treatment will last up to two years on all most treated surfaces.

You owe it to your Athletes, Patrons, Students or Sports Teams to provide the cleanest and safest sports & training environment possible.

Recommended areas for application...  

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