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TiO2 Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology


Solas Shield Ultra-Thin-Films use non-toxic Titanium Dioxide (Nano-TiO2) and light to help clean and maintain surface and air quality. Utilising our products allows client facilities to eliminate the use of toxic cleaning compounds which markedly reduces the use of harsh chemicals, reduces grey water output, and dramatically improves surface hygiene and indoor air quality (IAQ).

Once applied to any surface, Solas Shield PCO  (Photocatalytic Oxidation) treatment will significantly reduces the time taken to maintain the area that has been treated.

This is a new generation of “site application” surface treatments and is beneficial for both Exterior/Interior Building Surfaces, including  Bathrooms, Furnishings and Fittings, Kitchens, Showers etc.

Once applied to a surface, it leaves a super-hydrophilic surface…this causes water to “sheet” on it when it gets wet instead of forming pooled droplets.

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) has been used for over 50 years in many consumer applications such as cake icing, cosmetics, make up,  paints, sun tan lotions, toothpaste and many more household items, but by scientifically suspending nano-sized TiO2 particles in water it has made it commercially viable for use on all types of surfaces.

SolAs-Shield  Ultra-Thin-Films can also be applied to highway signs and barriers rails to keep them looking new despite constant bombardment from hydrocarbons and VOC's from vehicle exhausts.

The outside of many major high rise buildings are treated with TiO2 solution to make the Concrete, Brick, Metal, Stone or Steel facade maintenance free.

There is also a use for homeowners to treat their Carpets, Curtains, Bathroom, Blinds, Flooring, Furniture, Kitchen & Shower Units, Walls, Floor, Ceilings etc with our TiO2 solution to reap the benefits of a VOC free, clean, fresh indoor air - on top of the huge benefit of low maintenance surfaces.

When micro-organisms such as, smog, viruses, VOC, or any organic material comes in contact with a TiO2 treated surface, it becomes oxidised. Fabrics treated with Solas Shield substance will not retain odours, car interiors treated with TiO2 solution will begin to smell like new again after its “self-cleaning” activity has removed the ingrained smells, such as smoke, spilt drinks etc!

Solas Shield based PCO treatment is totally harmless to humans, animals and plants alike, actually, this element is used widely in food (as additive E171) Sun Cream, Cosmetics, Toothpaste and Medicines.

Our Solas Shield PCO liquid contain no binders, but it has the inbuilt ability that makes it possible for this liquid to penetrate and form a permanent bond with the coated surfaces… after it dries to form an “Ultra-Thin-Film” on any substrate - it becomes one with the treated surface.

Solas Shield is such a powerful photocatalyst, it will cause the destruction of any organic pollutant that contacts the surface. This action results in a remarkable surface treatment application which is self-cleaning in the presence of any light  source.

Problems With Outdoor Structures...

Biological Growth
– Algae, Lichen, Moulds, Moss etc. These are hardy species of nutritious matter found everywhere in nature where moisture is present.

Dust and dirt accumulation
– Floating dust generated by combustion of fossil fuel burning engines.

A vicious circle of deterioration with biological growth
Rain on top of biological growth does not dry out as fast as it would on a clean surface, the risk of frost damage increases. If frost damage occurs, the resulting surface cracks will be larger - where water can permeate any new biological growth will have even better conditions to survive.

Solas Shield PCO Treatment Technology for Self-Cleaning Buildings

The dust particle is no longer attracted to the treated surface.

Heat Resistant: Fire resistant / retardation properties.

 Oxidation Strength: The strong oxidising effect will decompose hydrocarbon and any organic growth.

Super-Hydrophilic Surface: Any dust or contaminant can be easily washed off by rainfall or water hose.

The only known surface treatment technology to create a self-cleaning surface with little or no maintenance

Exterior UV Protection with Solas Shield PCO

Building exterior suffers from unsightly damage of mould infestation mainly due to humidity. The strong oxidation effect of our photocatalyst treatment effectively removes moulds and protects the surface integrity.

Keeping Building Exteriors Clean
There are many pollutants in the air that can cause building exteriors to collect grime and oils. This fine layer of oil attracts dust and other particulates. The resulting dust, grime, oils and soot collect and add to the discoloration and soiling often seen on many buildings in every city. This unsightly dirt and grime accumulates and eventually the building has to be cleaned by pressure washing, sandblasting and or scrubbing - which can all cause possible surface damage.

Solas Shield PCO benefits your property:

Solas Shield PCO can be applied on:

Buildings coated with a Self Cleaning Solas Shield PCO will...

What is self cleaning?

The self cleaning process is very similar to photosynthesis of plants. In the photosynthesis process, the chlorophyll of plant reacts with carbon dioxide in presence of light to form oxygen. Similarly in our case, the solution of titanium reacts with moisture contents in air in presence of light energy and form active oxygen. The active oxygen removes dust particles which adhere with the surface.