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TiO2 Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology

TiO2 PCO Solas Shield  Self-clean Solutions is a key initiative when combating odours, germs and  infectious diseases.

The Scientifically Advanced TiO2 PCO (Self-clean Solutions)  product line is the perfect complement to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and other indoor air pollutants from air and surfaces reducing the spread of contagious diseases.

Airborne is constantly contacting and destroying viruses and bacteria to help maintaining a clean and safe environment.

The Solution: Solas Shield TiO2 PCO (Self-clean Solutions)

We are only too aware of  how sick students pass along their illnesses to others.

Educational and child care environments represent a breeding ground for contagious microbes - which can lead to disrupting the educational process and can continually put students and staff members at very increased risk.

Cleaner air has been attributed to better results in education facilities etc

Many Flu microbes are actually incapable of surviving on human skin for more than a few seconds, and despite widespread Hand Sanitiser use, there is still some substantial documented evidence to prove that Colds, Flu Microbes and MRSA are more often transferred by air and common surfaces than by epidermal contact.

Recommended Areas of Applications:

Bathroom/Toilet Facility walls and surfaces

• Classrooms • Cafeterias

• Common Areas • Elevators

Desks / Chairs / Tables

Doors, Push Plates, Lifts and Stairwells

• Emergency Rooms  

Faculty administration areas

Food preparation areas / Break rooms / Cafeterias

Gym Areas, equipment, weights & matting etc

Hard Surface Flooring

Janitorial areas

• Locker rooms and Showers

• Offices

• Operating Rooms

Sinks and water fountains

Sports & Play equipment etc etc  

Plus Many many more applications…

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