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TiO2 Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology

Germs, such as bacteria and mould, like to settle down and start a family in the same conditions we do - warm, cosy and not too dry.

They will last 24-48 hours on surfaces, and within this period bacteria will reproduce exponentially. So unless there is a decontamination trigger in place, just One single cell can become more than 8 million cells in less than 24 hours.

How do they get into your home?

• Children bring germs home from school on their clothes, toys, school books, etc.

• Adults bring germs home from work, the gym and from normal day-to-day activities

• Pets traipse dirt and litter and odours around the house, spreading germs

• Poor or irregular cleaning practices let germs run rampant

There are a million ways that germs can come into our homes. Although many of them are a necessary part of life, a few are bad and can cause bouts of sickness, disease and in some cases even death.

The Solas Shield TiO2 PCO (Self-clean Solutions)  offers you the opportunity to treat high-touch surfaces with a world-class antimicrobial surface and air treatment called nanoYo.

Below are the top five areas in the home that you can treat to reduce germ populations:

Doorknobs, handrails, light switches, phones

handles on fridge, microwave, oven and coffee pot etc.

Taps, shower, toilet seat/handle, towel rack

Floor mats and carpeting

Couches, chairs; Curtains, bed linens; sports equipment,  clothing; etc.


On average, nowadays, we are spending 90% of our time indoors. To many people it seems like the safest place to be—until they learn what's actually lurking about in most indoor environments - including the air. Not only are there a wide variety of potentially harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in this environment, many of these compounds have no odour and can really build up to toxic levels totally un-noticed.

However, the good news is that Solas Shield dramatically reduces these contaminants, - by purifying the air and making it healthier to breath. Better still, it does so not just once, but for 24/7 and for years.

At the same time, Solas Shield eliminates odours in the air and sanitises surfaces to which it has been applied. This is especially important on common-use surfaces such as doorknobs, telephones, countertops and fixtures. As a result, Solas Shield can be highly effective in controlling the spread of microorganisms in contamination-prone areas such as bathrooms and kitchens and also in any other area that are susceptible to fungi, mould or other airborne allergens.

Example of Residential interiors where Solas Shield can be used;

Type of Gases

Start density



After 6 hrs.

% Reduction

Hydrogen sulfide (Garbage)

30 ppm

0.1 ppm

99.70 %

30 ppm

Acetaldehyde (Cigarette)

30 ppm

4.8 ppm

84.00 %

30 ppm


15 ppm

0.3 ppm

98.00 %

15 ppm

Ammonia (Pet)

15 ppm

0.5 ppm

96.70 %

15 ppm

There are lots of people who do not realise how easy it is for micro-organisms to travel with them - picked up from places you go to and things you touch throughout the day. They can easily end up travelling home with you and then take up lodgings in your very own home environment.

Are you ready to break the cycle of infection and create a “safety zone” at home where microbes cannot thrive?

One application can help your family stay healthier by continually reducing microbial threats in your home, cabin, caravan (mobile/static), Car or even tent.

Bathrooms, Ceiling, Floor Coverings  and Walls (even wallpaper), Floors, Furniture, Laundry Areas and Appliances, Rubbish and Recycling bins

Showers, Sauna, Sinks, Tables and Kitchen Work-tops, Touch Points...Door knobs,  Light switches, Vehicles ( Highly Recommended as an effective Air Purification and Sanitising agent against Bacteria, Mould/Fungi and Virus.