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TiO2 Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology

Our core product is an “Ultra-Thin-Film” spray application with Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) particles...which are a semiconductor type photocatalyst that is based on quantum energy principals, it lowers the chemical activation energy to accelerate the reaction rate under photo-irradiation. However, while doing so, the catalyst itself will not undergo changes and its structure will not be damaged as a result of the electrochemical reaction.

In most cases the application will almost certainly outlast the substrate that it is applied to!

It is normally applied on surfaces using Electrostatic or HVLP spray technology. However, this revolutionary process is now also available to purchase as a DIY “off the shelf” products that now includes the following “self-help” items:

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Each member of the  Solas Shield™ product family is an integral player in the Environmental Reclamation Team of totally friendly products, technologies and processes.

Solas Shield AF is our standard product solution and is recommended for general indoor air deodorising and purifying applications. It is also especially desirable in contamination-prone areas such as healthcare centres, food service establishments and high-traffic public facilities.

Environments with relatively low levels of incident light or air circulation also benefit from the high conversion rate of our Solas Shield AF™ TiO2 PCO solution.

Not only does our product range  enhance the healthfulness of living spaces. It also enhances their economic value. This is because potential buyers and investors clearly perceive the constant  added value of our Photocatalyst Oxidation processes in buildings and spaces that have been treated with it.