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TiO2 Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology

When it comes to controlling populations of infectious organisms - supermarkets, grocery and convenience stores can represent an area of special concern . In any given business day, hundreds of individuals access the same areas inside these business areas.

ATM’s, Butchery counters, Cafeteria area, Chiller. Freezer Doors and Handles , Customer Service Areas, Checkout Areas – Conveyors, Doors and Entry Touch Points, Payment Keypads, Shopping Baskets / Trolley, Tills and Registers, Toilet facilities etc.

Other food related outlets where our TiO2 PCO  and Airborne Lights can be used...Convenience stores, Fast food outlets, Food distributors, Food packaging, Food processing,

Recent studies of the microorganisms found in the food service businesses have been very sobering—if not almost completely frightening. The problem is, any surface people repeatedly make contact with can become infected. So no matter how well equipment, packaging materials and utensils are sanitised, dangerous pathogens such as C.diff, E.coli, Influensa and MRSA can hide on chair-backs, countertops, serving stations, tabletops or anywhere that human hands make contact with.

Now the threat can be significantly reduced with 24/7 - 365 countermeasures. When Solas Shield is applied to these common-use surfaces, it will continuously sanitises them, protecting customers and staff from the possible spread of harmful bacteria, fungi, mould and viruses. Better still, it does so for years without losing any effect, unlike temporary solutions such as chlorination (bleaching) or Ozone.

In addition, by converting airborne contaminants that contact these treated surfaces, Solas Shield purifies the air and improves its healthfulness, especially in closed-off, low-air-circulation areas. In this way our Solas Shield PCO application also eliminates many of the unpleasant odours that can occur in food service establishments, whether these stem from chemical, food or human sources.

Operators of national supermarket chains, as well as independent, co-operative and organic groceries, use Solas Shield TiO2 PCO air purifying systems to provide food safety protection to their customers and reduce shrink in their perishable foods and flower storage and handling areas. By extending the shelf life of their products, grocery industry professionals give themselves an edge against the competition and add to their bottom line.
Solas Shield TiO2 PCO systems in supermarket coolers has also shown to keep the surfaces inside cleaner. This not only saves time and money in cleaning refrigeration fans and coils, but could also help to reduce energy costs.

Food Preparation Areas

Meat and Seafood

Mixed Use Coolers

Refrigerate Walk-in Floral Coolers

Refrigerated Walk-in Produce Coolers

Wine Cellars and Storage