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 Positive Protection Providing Persistent Prevention 24/7-365 
TiO2 Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology

Clinics, Health & Care Centres

In recent years, the medical community has focused attention on improving sanitation and disinfection standards wherever patient care is delivered. In response, sterilisation and disinfection technology for medical instruments and systems has definitely advanced. But the technology for sanitising work-surfaces, workspaces and patient areas is not much further along than it was 50 years ago, relying mostly on chlorination (bleaching).

Solas Shield offers a more elegant, sustainable sanitation approach. When applied to high-use, frequently contacted surfaces in patient exam, procedure and waiting areas, it has been shown to dramatically reduce and control the spread of a wide array of pathogens. As it does so,Solas Shield also purifies the air, this provides the added advantage of eliminating unpleasant odours, whether they stem from chemical, medicinal or human sources.

Healthcare delivery settings where Solas Shield can be used…


With a high ongoing performance and everlasting socially desired effect...for use in Clinics, Dentists, Hospital, Nursing Homes, Offices, Private Homes, Public Facilities, Schools & Nursery etc. as a “fixed” and ongoing 24/7 - 365  anti-bacterial/microbial treatment, non toxic electro-chemical components - safe and non pollutive properties, totally environment friendly and harmless to human beings and animals alike.   


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