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TiO2 Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology

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Solas Shield PCO  is classified as a Ultra Thin Film (UTF) water based solution that is easily applied “in minutes” to virtually any substrate/surface, fabric or textile regardless of whether its new or old.

Once applied it acts as an oxidiser, activated by indoor light (fluorescent or visible) or outdoor (UV or Visible) light, it changes the molecular structure of all organic matter by way of oxidation, providing ongoing reduction and /or elimination of ...

ther benefits include...

Cleaning of the air you breathe i.e. any harmful contaminates oxidised into harmless carbon dioxide and water .

Hydrophilic self cleaning of surfaces i.e. contaminates easily wash away from PCO UTF treated surfaces .

Long lasting bind to substrate (theoretically forever).

ROI (return on investment) via, longer life and lower maintenance costs of substrate/surface.

UV block and protection behind nanoYo treated surfaces.

It can be used to;

Solas Shield PCO contains nano sized particles of TiO2 (titanium dioxide), meaning extremely small, to be precise 1 billionth of a metre, in our products  case 2-3 nanometres for each particle, THE WORLDS SMALLEST - and with this technology - the smaller the better!!!

It is non-toxic, totally safe for humans, animals and the environments that we live in.

The two locations where individuals spent their most amount of time in

Individual / families can experience sick house disease syndrome or sick building disease syndrome without their awareness;

Cause of such diseases are attributed to some chemical substances found in construction materials and domestic products, which can give off foul gases;

SOLAS-Shield  PCO  is most effective in eliminating and protecting against these nuisance gases;

Usually the second largest investment in your life;

Presently, many individuals / families are spending more time on travelling by car;

SOLAS-Shield PCO  is a very powerful Air Purification and surface protection solution, allowing everyone to enjoy this new like and clean environment, not just in the house and offices etc, but also in the family transport as well;

Human interactions and physical contacts with pathogens are many times inevitable when travelling by public transport;

Apart from practicing social consideration, and up keeping of personal hygiene habits, treating the surfaces within passenger cabins, seats and holding handles with TiO2 PCO offers that extra protection and safety criteria that each commuter desires & deserves;

Air pollution, bacteria, virus and second-hand smoke are common and abundant in outdoor and public facilities;

SOLAS-Shield  PCO is most beneficial to reduce the intensities of such harmful organisms, and unpleasant odours to a level which does not incur public discomfort;

Eliminates Moulds, Fungi and Algal growth in Pools, Surrounds & Water Features etc;

Demand critical standards for facilities disinfection, and indoor air quality (IAQ);

SOLAS-Shield  PCO offers a COMPLETE disinfection package by treating patients' wards, infectious disease wards, surgery rooms, and by providing self-cleaning Surgical Face Masks, doctor’s gowns, and nurse’s uniforms, etc;






Public Transport

Public Venues



SOLAS-Shield  PCO removes Ethylene Gas from fruits and vegetables areas - extending the shelf-life and saving on wasted or spoiled food being discarded;

Hyper allergenic rooms found in some International Group Hotels use the same technology to help keep their building Air Handling/HVAC systems free from pathogens by using internally located filters & UV lamps! However, TiO2 PCO, in each room, and on all surfaces, will  Deodorise and Sanitise all surfaces within - not just the air! - And can now be treated at a fraction of the cost of installing expensive mechanical systems;




Some Suggested Applications:



And this list is growing daily...

Bakers, Convenience stores, Fast food outlets, Food distributors, Food packaging, Food processing, Food shipping, Food storage, Grocery stores, Growers & Restaurants etc;

Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Food production

Animal production is a main source of NH3 emission into the environment and a significant producer of other polluting gases

SOLAS-Shield  PCO reduces all organic gasses and intensities of such harmful organisms and unpleasant odours to a level which does not incur public discomfort;

SOLAS-Shield PCO possesses enough capabilities to handle this discipline over a large area of uses;